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What is Kyla AI API?

Kyla AI API is a RESTful API that provides an intuitive tool to build medical assistant applications. It is a simple and intuitive to use, and it can be used as stand-alone tool, or it can be easily integrated with other medical assistant applications.

Kyla AI API can be used to manage various aspects of person's health. It enables to explore:

  • engaging in a dialog with user/patient to identify current health problems (diagnosis),
  • identifying personalized health risks such as predispositions to chronic diseases,
  • scoring patient's overall health and predict longevity,
  • guiding data collection by focusing on most relevant questions for each patient individually,
  • providing intuitive justifications for generated content (explainable AI).

Our content is based on analysis of professional medical literature and current research, thoroughly reviewed and curated by medical experts. However, Kyla AI RESTful API should only be used for informational purposes and educational application, and it is not intended for medical use.

How it Works

In order to use Kyla AI API, anonymized patient data is provided to Kyla API in form of simple facts -- person's age, sex and collection of key-value pairs such as cough present. This data is then processed by Kyla API and results of the analysis such as suggested next most relevant question or personalized ranked list of health risks are returned by the API endpoint to the customer. It is important to note, that the API is state-less which means that no information about the patient is stored.