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Getting Node Definition

/nodes/{node_id} GET

This endpoint provides access to detailed information about a node.


The parameter node_id is a node identifier, which is a unique string composed of letters and digits such as C00020.


An example of response for the hypertension concept is presented below. The response includes information relevant to a node, which is guaranteed to be static and can be safely cached. For detailed information on response format see the description of the node definition.


Every node is guaranteed to have at least 2 outcomes.

"id": "C00020",
"title": "Hypertension",
"outcomes": [
"outcome": "unknown",
"label": "Don't know"
"outcome": "present",
"label": "Yes"
"outcome": "absent",
"label": "No"
"type": "DISCRETE",
"unitOfContinuousType": null